This is What’s New in Garage Doors

Depending on your home’s design, your garage door may be one of the first elements people see when they pull in the driveway. If your garage door has seen better days, perhaps it’s time to consider replacing it. Installing a new garage door can recoup an estimated 76.9% of project Read More

Never Plant These Five Flowers in Your Garden

Dame’s Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) Sometimes confused with phlox, dame’s rocket has similar-looking flowers in purple, sometimes white or pink hues. They’re fragrant, too. But the similarities end there. While phlox can be aggressive, dame’s rocket takes it a step further. These biennial pests are related to garlic mustard, a noxious Read More

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs have some quirky habits. They chase their tail, bury their food and lick, well, pretty much anything. Another thing they tend to do is eat grass. Is it because they’re sick? Are they missing something in their diet? Are they hungry? As far as why do dogs eat grass, Read More

10 Car Anti-Theft Devices You Can Buy

Zento Deals Security Tire Clamp NICB’s second layer of security involves car anti-theft devices that are visible and/or audible. The Zento Deals Tire Clamp is a solid option. It securely wraps around your wheel to prevent theft attempts. Made of premium-quality ABS (also used to made Legos), with a PVC Read More

What’s Wrong With My Succulent?

Debra Lee Baldwin, the author of Succulents Simplified and Succulent Container Gardens, says that succulents can be grown anywhere by anyone. But even though succulents are tough, hardy plants, they’re still living things and sometimes things can go a bit sideways. Here are Debra’s five troubleshooting tips for succulents. 1. Read More