5 Things You Should Take Outside Right Now



Over time, all kinds of disgusting stuff can build up in your mattress, including allergens like dust and dust mites and natural body oils. All this leaves your mattress dirty (and sometimes smelly).

So, once you’ve got a clear sunny day, grab the chance to give your mattress some TLC and air it out, outside. Begin by vacuuming it on both sides, then take it outside and lay it on a tarp or plastic sheet to avoid any dampness and dirt. Or, lean against a wall or fence. Mattresses are heavy and awkward to carry so get a buddy to help you wrestle it out of the house.

Keep an eye on your mattress while it’s outdoors, especially if rodents are plentiful in your neighborhood.

Three or four hours in the sun is enough to allow your mattress to air thoroughly—six is even better. But, make sure you bring it in well before dusk so dampness doesn’t seep in.

Put your mattress back on the bed upside down and the opposite way around so your mattress doesn’t sag.

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