How to Change a Furnace Filter

When to change a furnace filter If you’re thinking that you only have to change your filter once a year, you may well be shortening the life of your furnace. Actually, you should check your filter monthly and often change it monthly, depending on the type of filter you use. Read More

Black & Decker Steam Mop

I’ve been cleaning my floor tile and sealed wood floors with a Black & Decker Steam Mop for three years. The mop has worked so well, especially on grout, that I’ve been tempted to lift it up and give the wall tile in my bathroom a good scrubbing. I haven’t Read More

Predrilled Seat Patterns

The Perfect Template Ever wonder how woodworkers drill those odd-angled, perfectly placed leg holes on the underside of chairs and stools and some tables? The answer is a custom drilling template that can be used over and over for dozens of identical furniture pieces. It doesn’t take long to make Read More